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Up in smoke

November 1st, 2006


marlboroman.png“Went to my doctor yesterday,” as Paul Simon sang. “She said I seemed to be OK. She said, ‘Man, you better look around. How long you think that you can run that body down? How many nights you think that you can do what you been doin’? Who… who you foolin’?’”

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I was a teenage killer

March 1st, 2006

funicelloannettedisney.jpgBY TOBY TOMPKINS

Television was not welcomed by my mother and stepfather in the mid-Fifties. They were radio people, used to the old dramas and comedies of the late Thirties and the war years. They believed that a family should sit down together each evening at the table for supper, no matter what demonic moths were nibbling on the family fabric, and as members of the “Greatest Generation,” they trusted lashings of booze during the cocktail hour before dinner, wine during it, and the soothing rhythms and harmonies of the big bands, playing quietly on my stepfather’s new and expensive hi-fi system, to establish a modicum of tranquility and permit what my mother, always half-sarcastically, referred to as “Gracious Living.”

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O Tannenbaum!

December 1st, 2004


unhappycouple.jpgChristmas trees have been part of my life since I was a baby. One of my earliest memories is the lovely scent of pine sap from the fresh-cut tree brought into the little basement apartment where my parents lived after I was born. World War II was still on. It remains in my mind nothing but a vaguely ominous blur, but also an ongoing Christmas, thanks to the lingering resinous tang of the trees.

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Author profile

December 1st, 2002

Toby Tompkins spent thirty-five years as a professional actor, working mostly on the stage. At present he is a writer and freelance editor who divides his time between New York City and Peterborough, N.H. His Black Lamb column is called Commonplaces.

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