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A Week in Literary History

October 28th, 2002

In 1903, English novelist Evelyn Waugh (A Handful of Dust, 1934) is born in Hampstead.

Arthur St. John (Evelyn) Waugh, b. October 28, 1903, d. 1966

waughevelynat56.pngWaugh first achieved fame as a deliciously wicked satirical novelist, but he also wrote beautifully in his more serious works, such as Brideshead and his Sword of Honour trilogy. Also not to be missed are his seven travel books, now all again in print.

Suggested Reading Novels Decline and Fall, 1928. Vile Bodies, 1930. Black Mischief, 1932. A Handful of Dust, 1934. Scoop, 1938. Put Out More Flags, 1952. The Sword of Honour World War II trilogy: Men at Arms, 1952, Officers and Gentlemen, 1955, and Unconditional Surrender, 1961. Brideshead Revisited, 1945. The Loved One, 1948. The Ordeal of Gilbert Pinfold, 1957. Stories Mr. Loveday’s Outing and Other Sad Stories, 1936. Love Among the Ruins, 1953. Tactical Exercise, 1954. Travel Labels, A Mediterranean Journal, 1930. Remote People, 1932. Ninety-Two Days, The Account of a Tropical Journey Through British Guiana and Part of Brazil, 1934. Waugh in Abyssinia, 1936. Robbery Under Law: The Mexican Object-Lesson, 1939. The Holy Places, 1953. A Tourist in Africa, 1960. Biography Rossetti: His Life and Works, 1928. Edmund Campion, 1935. The Life of the Right Reverend Ronald Knox, 1959. Autobiography and Other A Little Learning, 1964. The Diaries of Evelyn Waugh, 1976. A Little Order, 1977. The Letters of Evelyn Waugh, 1980. The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh, 1980.

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