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A Week in Literary History

December 15th, 2002

In 1932, Irish short story writer and novelist Edna O’Brien (Girl with Green Eyes, 1965) is born in Twarngraney, County Clare.

Edna O’Brien, b. December 15, 1930

Over her long career O’Brien has won almost every conceivable award for her novels and short stories. She began writing about women and women’s issues and then moved to writing what she calls “state-of-the-nation novels” concerning Ireland. A perpetual Nobel nominee, she is still active at the age of 81.

Suggested Reading Novels The Country Girls Trilogy The Country Girls, 1960. The Lonely Girl, 1962. Girls in Their Married Bliss, 1963. A Pagan Place, 1970. The Dazzle, 1981. House of Splendid Isolation, 1994. Down by the River, 1996. Short stories The Love Object, 1968. A Scandalous Woman: And Other Stories, 1972. A Rose in My Heart: Love Stories, 1978. A Fanatic Heart: Selected Stories, 1984. Lantern Slides, 1990. Saints and Sinners, 2011. Non-fiction Mother Ireland, 1976. James Joyce: A Biography, 1999. Byron in Love, 2009.

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