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Archive for November, 2005

Where the #&£$! is the @ key?

November 1st, 2005


It’s not where it’s supposed to be, at least on computer keyboards in Reykjavik. Nor in Hestakráin, or at Efri-Vik (pronounce that “Every week”). No one in the Internet cafes could help; eventually a fellow American discovered by trial and mostly error that you could hit shift control right bracket and get an @. We were on a horse farm somewhere near Flúdir by then and I’d spent lots of krónur trying to e-lert friends and mother stateside. Last they’d heard, I was in Minneapolis waiting out a ferocious plane-chewing thunderstorm and panicking about ill health. But I landed in Keflavik without incident, and despite a first-night landlady who channeled Bette Davis in The Nanny, I was hale and peripatetic.

What did I do in Iceland?

puffinI didn’t eat roasted puffin but I watched an inept tourist on a high cliff sweeping a long-handled net along the edge in hopes of snaring a live one. That’s how you catch a puffin; it’s very low-tech but requires practice, and the clown-beaked birds aren’t suicidal. They mocked him, I swear. I did fall into a puffin nest or, more accurately, puffin burrow: they dig deep forked things with one angle for egg, the other for excrement. A young one is called a puffling: charming!

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