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November 2006 in Black Lamb

Volume 4, Number 11 — November 2006

November 1st, 2006


The All-Smoking & Drinking Issue

In our cover story Terry Ross cautions against a too-Puritan view of our peccadilloes. In the page 2 feature, A Quick Buzz, Cate Garrison looks back on a life of smoking and drinking and finds pleasure in moderation. The title of Ed Goldberg’s piece describes his view: You Don’t Have to S&D to Have Fun (Ha-Ha). In As Good As It Gets? William Bogert casts an aye vote for S&D. Greg Roberts speaks eloquently in favor of alcohol in Unhand That Bottle!

In An On-Off Affair, Gillian Wilce recounts a lifelong habit of occasional smoking. Dan Peterson says in Never that doing without S&D hasn’t bothered him a bit. In Can’t Imagine Why, Jim Patton speaks favorably of drinking and pot smoking but can’t see why anyone smokes cigarettes. Andrew Darrel recalls a lifetime of rude smokers in Twenty-one! In As Far Away as Today Rod Ferrandino remembers his drinking days and is glad they’re behind him. Prison dweller Dean Suess describes how convicts get drunk in Pruno. In Up in Smoke Toby Tompkins talks about his smoking habit and the problems it causes. Sage Cohen recalls trendy student smoking days in Inhale. Exhale. Ash. In True Confession David Maclaine discusses S&D addictions and adds a more deadly one: the internal combustion engine. Cervine Kauffman (Where There’s Smoke) hopes that it’s not necessary to smoke, drink, and sleep around to create art. Our language maven Joel Hess talks about international names of spirits in Skoal! In our S&D Reader, we offer nine categories of S&D pleasure, from verse and reminiscences to lists and song lyrics. Our monthly Honorary Black Lambs column salutes Geoffrey Wolff and Leonard Woolf on their birthdays. In An S&D Quiz, you are invited to match 25 S&D quotations with their literary authors. Our consumer column Wretched Excess presents a special S&D product from the Whole Whog Catalog: the Heavenly No-Host Bar. The Black Lamb Recipe is a classic: moussaka. In our advice column Ask Millie, Millicent Marshall warns against anti-smoking zealots and faux alcoholics. And Reg Arcati, Jr. provides another difficult Black Lamb Cryptic Crossword.

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