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Consumerism run amok

March 1st, 2007


Again we present an unparalelled opportunity for Black Lamb readers and would-be consumers: exclusive access to a superb gift cornucopia, the Whole Whog Catalog, first published in 1980. Take advantage of the original catalog prices by ordering today.

Here’s a fashion idea that somehow didn’t catch on, but it’s never too late!

Leisure Wet Suit

leisurewetsuit.pngThis handsomely tailored leisure suit is equally at home on land or in the water. Traditional polyester foamfill double-knit burgundy blazer sports white top-stitching, deep center vent, and waterproof pockets. Flared slacks in lime and canary check pattern with white leather-look polyurethane weight belt. Reversible ruffle-front rubber dickey in solid lime or canary is coordinated to slacks. Black vinyl bow tie. White vinyl flippers with stay-on elastic insteps. White face mask. High-glare sharkskin-finish serves as an example to sharks and keeps them at a distance. Sleek surface will not snag on jagged coral branches. Full terry-lined for underwater comfort. True wash-and-wear action: washes itself as you wear it; then tumble dry on shore. Lean cut, regular, or porcine. State waist and inseam. Breathing gear not included.

Only $89.95

Order today, with check enclosed (shipping is free!), through Black Lamb, P.O. Box 4531, Portland OR 97208-4531, USA. Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

All entries are from the Whole Whog Catalog, by Victor Langer, Leslie Anderson, and Bob Ross, with a preface by Chevy Chase (New York, Times Books, 1980). •

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