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March 2007 in Black Lamb

Volume 5, Number 3 — March 2007

March 1st, 2007


In our cover article (Wal-Mart to the rescue) Greg Roberts nominates an unexpected environmental hero. In You say tomato, I say… Rod Ferrandino reflects on the perils of being too often right. Actor William Bogert remembers when he did the Charleston with Julie Andrews in The light fantastic. In Spots, Andrew Darrel reflects on a lifetime of food stains on his clothes. Lorentz Lossius paints the portrait of an Australian city in Melburniana.

Stephen Starbuck (I saw the cutest thing…) reflects on nature red in tooth and claw. Toby Tompkins remembers sailing in a hurricane at age twelve in Stupid kid tricks. David Maclaine reflects on the recently deceased Gerald Ford in An honest man. In Monkey see, monkey do Ed Goldberg muses on how fads spread through disparate cultures. In Chapter 17 of The JJ Chronicles, Cate Garrison tells how her cute dog ate the car. Gillian Wilce finds herself Back in Bloomsbury thinking of William Morris and Virginia Woolf. In Family dog: take three, Bud Garder sings a hymn of praise to Rusty. Dan Peterson remembers a legendary snowfall in Milan that brought down a basketball stadium in Les neiges d’antan. Evelyn Bartlett (Brokeback chasm) relates a harrowing tale of seasonal post office work. In Sunset Alan Albright reflects that the concerns of the young and the old couldn’t be more different. Sage Cohen tries to find a silver lining in having her driver’s license suspended in Living below the radar. Our Honorary Black Lambs column honors the distinguished American architecture critic Ada Louise Huxtable on her birthday. Wretched Excess offers a gift suggestion from the Whole Whog Catalog that shrieks of the Seventies: the Leisure Wet Suit. Trixie Barkis, our bridge columnist, reminds the reader that you don’t have to remember every card played, just the important ones. Our cheeky advice columnist Millicent Marshall (Doggy dog world) answers two letters from readers about their canine friends. And Endgame supplies yet another fiendishly difficult Black Lamb Cryptic Crossword.

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