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August 2007 in Black Lamb

Volume 5, Number 8 — August 2007

August 1st, 2007

The All City Issue

In our cover story, Terry Ross takes a close look at an overrated city: Portland, Ore. In Cityhell 2007, our page 2 feature, Greg Roberts maintains that cities are now obsolete. Elizabeth Hart (Remembering New York) harks back to a gentler, better time in America’s premier metropolis. In Oslo, Lorentz Lossius describes the capital of his native country. Cate Garrison wonders: What Is a City?

In Ah, London, Rosemary McLeish, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, recalls her youth in the English capital. Country lawyer Bud Gardner still hears the Siren Song of cities but prefers his rural retreat. In Candy Apple, Toby Tompkins isn’t nostalgic for the old days in New York City, but he remembers them fondly. Cervine Kauffman feels that cities are ruining themselves in Cities Be Damned. Karla Powell’s poem “Seeing Eye to Eye” portrays a city human coming face to face with a deer in the forest. Dan Peterson paints a portrait of a venerable Italian city in Bologna. Ed Goldberg, born in The Bronx, will always be a City Boy. So will David Maclaine, raised in Houston, in City Boy Redux. Another Black Lamb columnist, Rod Ferrandino, remembers childhood jaunts to New York (A Kid in the City). Bill Bogert has a quick look at the city where he went to college, New Haven, Ct. Alan Albright, in his last Black Lamb column, travels back to Paris. In City of Dis, Dean Suess compares calls prison a city of hell. Gillian Wilce gives an evocative picture of London in Going Walkabout: A Progress Report. Sage Cohen explores the city she lives in with a cardboard companion in Flat Hannah Does Portland. Stephen Starbuck (Bug Town) says that whatever city he lives in, mosquitoes find him and torture him. Our Honorary Black Lambs column sends birthday greetings to authors John Hawkes and Edgar Lee Masters. Bridge columnist Trixie Barkis helps win an inter-city match for Dear Dirty Buffalo. In Wretched Excess, we present another unique product from the Whole Whog Catalog: the Dogmatic™ Pet Solid Waste Retrieval and Disposal System. Our Black Lamb Recipe is for delicious Pappardelle with Lamb Ragù. In our advice column, Ask Millie, Millicent Marshall pooh-poohs the notion that small towns are preferable to cities. And Endgame gives us another tricky Black Lamb Cryptic Crossword.

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