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November 2008 in Black Lamb

Volume 6, Number 11 — November 2008

November 1st, 2008

The All-God Issue

In our cover article for this issue, Terry Ross argues that all religions are not equal. In our page two feature, Stop crime in its tracks, Greg Roberts advocates putting the fear of God back into criminals. Bud Gardner remembers the first church he knew in Gods’ house.

Cate Garrison recalls how as a teenager she was Saved by the bell from becoming a born-again Christian. Toby Tompkins discusses what he insists is an innate human capacity for “spiritual” thinking in The G-spot. In God & my daughter Elizabeth Hart has to struggle to maintain her composure when she accompanies her daughter to a pentecostal church. David Maclaine muses on fear of Islam in Staving off paranoia. In My epiphany, Rosemary McLeish describes how she came to “know” that there is no God. Ed Goldberg poses seven questions for the faithful in Can God make a stone so heavy he can’t lift it? In The good book, Dean Suess reveals some novel uses penitentiary prisoners make of the Bible. Gene Ryder describes the God of the Old Testament as God in an angry mood. Rod Ferrandino confesses that so far as believing in God is concerned, he Can’t go there. In Something’s going on, Dan Peterson asks a scientific question to illustrate the possibility of God. In For the love of God, Karla Powell discovers that God does not intervene in affairs of the heart. Despite the fact that “empirical evidence cannot replace faith,” Leslie Russell describes herself as Non-belonging, non-believing. Our Honorary Black Lambs for this month are New Yorker founding editor Harold Ross and American novelist Dawn Powell. A Literary Sampler offers a selection of passages written by six authors mentioned in this issue. In Button it! bridge writer Trixie Barkis advises us to keep our mouths shut at the table. Our Wretched Excess column proffers another item from the Whole Whog Catalog: the Bible belt. Our lamb recipe for the month, Lamb “How Sweet It Is,” comes from Oregon. For this All-God Issue, we reprint a vintage Ask Millie column from our All-Christmas Issue. And Professor Avram Khan gives us another Black Lamb Word Puzzle. •

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