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Now in its 14th year of publication, this magazine was created to offer the discerning reader a stimulating selection of excellent original writing. Black Lamb Review is a literate rather than a literary publication. Regular columns by writers in a variety of geographic locations and vocations are supplemented by features, reviews, articles on books and authors, and a selection of “departments,” including an acerbic advice column and a lamb recipe.


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November 2009 in Black Lamb

Volume 7, Number 11 — November 2009

November 1st, 2009

In the cover article of our November issue, Till death us do…, Lane Browning discovers details of a friend’s death through an autopsy report, obtained online at 50¢ a page. In our page two feature, Dean Suess shows that “trials have little or nothing to do with truth” in Criminal Injustice. The world’s still going to hell, but in a heat wave, Ed Goldberg finds himself in Apathy season.

In Glutton for punishment, Elizabeth Fournier endures one of her 77 blind dates at a street fair. Toby Tompkins narrates The doctor in spite of himself, Part II, the tale of a crazy poetess who chooses him as her helper. In Who owns Scotland? Rosemary McLeish reveals that Scotland did not abolish feudalism until the year 2000, 710 years after it was done away with in England. In Scenes & queries, Gillian Wilce takes another walk around London and wonders where else she could find such stimulating variety. Greg Roberts gives us The true skinny on the state he calls home, Oregon. In Pity pie, Leslie Russell gets ready for the Thanksgiving pie-making ordeal. Dan Peterson gives some information to show how his adopted city has become Green Milan. In Hell on wheels, Beren deMotier experiences the elation of teenage girl roller derby. Toby Tompkins reviews Thomas Pychon’s new book Inherent Vice, and Rod Ferrandino reviews a book about the Frenchman , Pierre Charles L’Enfant, who designed Washington, D.C. We welcome November birthday authors John Berger, Voltaire, and William Blake into our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs. Bridge columnist Trixie Barkis advises gathering whatever evidence you can from the bidding in Keep your ears open. Our Black Lamb Recipe offers James Beard’s simple and delicious recipe for shish kebabs. Advice columnist Millicent Marshall dishes up not advice but factual answers to reader questions. And Professor Avram Khan offers another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle. •

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