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Now in its 14th year of publication, this magazine was created to offer the discerning reader a stimulating selection of excellent original writing. Black Lamb Review is a literate rather than a literary publication. Regular columns by writers in a variety of geographic locations and vocations are supplemented by features, reviews, articles on books and authors, and a selection of “departments,” including an acerbic advice column and a lamb recipe.


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Archive for February, 2012

February 2012 in Black Lamb

Volume 10, Number 2 — February 2012

February 1st, 2012

The All-Gambling Issue

In this All-Gambling Issue, editor Terry Ross distinguishes between good gambling and bad gambling and says the state should get out of the business. In Losing proposition, Greg Roberts laments the regressive torture of his state’s lottery. Toby Tompkins describes the lure of gambling, to which he has almost never succumbed, in The itch.

In Taking chances in Las Vegas, John M. Daniel recalls how he and his wife gambled on their future. Patsy Tompkins remembers a family life in which she and her mother were Card sharps. In When losing is winning, Benjamin Feliciano describes college drinking games. With Enchanting village, Brad Bigelow takes us to the wonderful town of Little Pedlington. Lee Randall forms a triumvirate whose other members are Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie in Discovering Gladys Mitchell.

Another personage from the world of literature enters our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs and The Ultimate Literary Calendar for 2012: American playwright and novelist Frank Chin. Our monthly lamb recipe is for Ground Lamb Ragout, a Greek-influenced dish. In I don’t get it, advice columnist Millicent Marshall responds to readers’ questions about gambling. And Professor Avram Khan gives us another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle.

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A losing proposition

The state is destroying families by the thousands.

February 1st, 2012


I keep glancing at my office door, wondering when the state-sponsored prostitutes will show up and start the sting. One of these girls, the under-age daughter of a recent Miss Venezuela, is sure to present a severe test of will as she flings her sequined robe into a corner and jumps into my lap. I’ll have to push her naked little ass away or be arrested by the state, then bankrupted by the courts and crooked lawyers.

So far today I’ve been lucky. The only visitors have been a UPS driver and a propane salesman. You think I’m delusional? Hell no, the state is busily engaged in destroying people every day. It’s big business. If the state’s transgressions with gambling are any indicator, it’s only a matter of months before the prostitute sting hits every household.

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