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Archive for September, 2012

September 2012 in Black Lamb

Volume 10, Number 9 — September 2012

September 1st, 2012

In September’s Black Lamb, John M. Daniel argues persuasively that The digital age eats jobs. In Leaving home, Alex Gallo-Brown reflects on New York and how he and writer Tom Bissell have profited by leaving there. Elizabeth Fournier extols the value of the vulvar steambath in A facial for your va-jay-jay (see below).

In Swift Boats, Part 2: Big Daddy, Toby Tompkins narrates a stoned and invigorating speedboat ride around Manhattan Island. Ed Goldberg reflects on the difficulties of accommodating food preferences in Eat it. In Milan, Dan Peterson inaugurates a series on life in Italy. Brad Bigelow reviews Log Book, beautifully written by a merchant sailor, in Able seaman. In Earthing, Karla Powell advocates getting in touch with oneself through nature.

We welcome the Earl of Chesterfield and William H. McGuffey into our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs. Our yummy lamb recipe is for Lamb Forestière, or Mock Venison. In The right to privacy, Millicent Marshall argues that pictures of us ought to be our property. And Professor Avram Khan gives us the 57th of his challenging word puzzles. •

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A facial for your va-jay-jay

September 1st, 2012


Detoxing your vulvæ may sound like an odd and even tender torment, but Asian women have been doing it for centuries to regulate their menstrual cycles. The ancient tradition uses a combination of herbs that claim to reduce stress, fight infection, clear hemorrhoids, and aid fertility, as well as uncountable other health benefits. Its key components, mugwort and wormwood, have long been used to excite hormones, treat bladder infections, fevers, and constipation, and induce contractions for the duration of labor.

Yes, the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, but just because you don’t have to tend to your lady bits with wacky treatments doesn’t mean they wouldn’t deeply appreciate a stress-reducing steam bath.

Many eastern Asian women steam commonly after their monthly periods. The vulval steam is a centuries-old technique that’s been gaining popularity in holistic practices, physical therapy clinics, and random spas.
To give you a tiny backstory, I first heard of this sort of steam bath a few years ago. Like most with a vagina, I was straightway inquisitive about it. I thought vajazzling was over the top. First there was labia dye, and but now the latest spa treatment, the “Vajacial,” a facial for your vagina, is ramping up. It’s truly what is up down there.

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