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Archive for February, 2013

February 2013 in Black Lamb

Volume 11, Number 2 — February 2013

February 1st, 2013

In our February issue, Toby Tompkins satirizes the gun culture with Get ’em while you can. Dan Peterson contributes a fourth piece on life in Italy, Le ragazze. In Hair today… Patsy Tompkins realizes how important hair is to a cancer patient. Elizabeth Fournier describes the business of finding a house to buy. In Valley of Love, Lorentz Lossius continues his 2007 travel diary from Turkey. John M. Daniel takes a walk around the town he lives in in Oklahoma by the sea. In Working class heroes, Ed Goldberg weighs the sins of the Left and the Right.

Two more personages from the world of literature enter our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs and The Ultimate Literary Calendar: French immortal Victor Hugo and English novelist Lawrence Durrell.

Bridge columnist Trixie Barkis comes up with moe tricky hands. Our monthly recipe is for Curried Lamb Stew with Okra. Advice columnist Millicent Marshall answers more readers’ questions. And Professor Avram Khan gives us another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle. •

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Get ’em while you can

Before the government takes our guns away

February 1st, 2013


Let me get one thing straight here. I don’t like crazy people using guns to shoot little kids any more than anyone else who isn’t crazy, all right? Everybody in town knows I’ve been running Guns Unlimited out here on John Stark Road ever since my father passed back in ’92 — and by the way, that was an accident which can happen even to someone who knows guns backwards and forwards, so forget what you read in the town’s liberal rag. He was not drunk. My dad knew better than to mix firearms and firewater. He only took a drink on Saturday night, and the accident happened on a Wednesday. Have a little respect for the truth, all right? The obit in American Rifleman Magazine got the story right.

But the point is, I will guaran-goddamn-tee you that not a single one of his customers or mine ever shot a little kid with any weapon from this store. That Sig Sauer P220 Parabellum, the one they say was mixed up in the murder-suicide over to Wayne Bridge two years ago? I sold that pistol a year before then, to the Walmart over there at the Keene mall, when I was clearing inventory to make room for the P226 .22 Long Rifle, which is a better all-around weapon for your civilian shooter, and that’s where the woman bought it. You want to look it up, be my guest; I got the sales record for that year right in the shelf over there. You can’t trust computers, because the Feds can hack into ’em, so I keep my accounts on paper and put the pages in a good old-fashioned ring-binder, so when the computers all shit the bed when the goverment does their cyber-attack, kind of thing Glen Beck talks about… well, you catch my drift, right? It’s just common sense.

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