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Christ the King National Park

April 1st, 2013


It’s no surprise, the way things are these days, that the legislation got through Congress. The choice of site — Russell City, California — was highly controversial at the time, with court challenges already threatened. The atheists swarmed out of the woodwork to be counted. The Jews put up a big stink. It’s all history now. The monument, the park, exists, just like any other, under the jurisdiction of the Interior Department. There were attacks in the vestigial liberal press, pros and cons, guarded elation in other quarters. This is all chaff in the wind, irrelevant. What do people really think? First, the visitors’ book.

Earl D. Payne, Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy, retired, San Lorenzo, California: “I am not a religious man but I think the park is great, terrific. The camper pavilion is excellent, except for the hookups. The electricity service is not in perfect order at all the centers. I recommend a more powerful reserve generator capability. The male employees are cheerful and considerate. Thank God no hippies. But the girls should be more careful in terms of modesty. Our children are grown but it is a family park.”

Leo & Sarah Fernandez, San Lorenzo, California: “It is a wonderful idea. The Station [sic] of the Cross Grotto — fantastic, especially the wax figures. Very realistic! The evening concerts were our favorite — the kids loved the singing and the choir members were so clean and happy. But some of the female staff members should get a good talking-to. You wouldn’t see bathing suits like that at any church camp. The kids had a ball with the Bible games in the Video Arcade. Were were here a week and they never got through all of them.”

Kelly Ann Siegel, retired, San Lorenzo, California: “I am of the Jewish faith, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about. In fact I intend to write to my rabbi about it. I am all for this lovely park. The Hall of Childhood was very excellent. Our little grandson watched that cute cartoon, just riveted. They must have got the best experts working on that; the details of the Jewish religion were very accurate, even the Hebrew writing. (One thing: I understand that people back in those days had darker complexions.) Also they didn’t have to include the Holocaust Exhibition in a park like this, but they did, and my husband and I appreciated it.”

Sonia & Sam Godsey, Hayward, California: “The park is just fabulous! John Davidson’s show, especially. I hope all those people who complain in the papers take the time to come here and see it with their own eyes. Maybe some of the statues and pictures are a little modern, but it does not matter. The bingo game was fun and I loved the slot machines. My husband is kind of an expert on John Wayne and he thought the Celebrity Cavern was excellent.”

John & Mary Mutten, San Lorenzo, California: “Since my retirement we go to all the National Parks: Yellowstone, Yosemite, Bryce, you name it. This one is our favorite. It proves that the works of man can rank right up there alongside of nature. Congratulations!!!” •

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