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Now in its 14th year of publication, this magazine was created to offer the discerning reader a stimulating selection of excellent original writing. Black Lamb Review is a literate rather than a literary publication. Regular columns by writers in a variety of geographic locations and vocations are supplemented by features, reviews, articles on books and authors, and a selection of “departments,” including an acerbic advice column and a lamb recipe.


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June 2013 in Black Lamb

Volume 11, Number 6 — June 2013

June 1st, 2013

In the cover article of our June issue, Small is beautiful, Terry Ross describes an excellent classical music radio station, KWAX in Eugene, Ore. Renardo Barden gives us a vignette from autumn in New York City in E train, early November. In People in your neighborhood, John M. Daniel finds his closest neighbor busted for marijuana cultivation.

Ed Goldberg remembers a lifetime of occasionally refusing to use certain products in Boycotts. In Casting couch, Toby Tompkins relates an anecdote from his young adulthood as a comely stage actor. Dan Peterson describes how summer affects the ladies of Italy in On the beach. In Animal pleasures, Karla Kruggel Powell argues for the superiority of brute beasts over human beings. Andi Diehn reviews Ernest Hebert’s latest novel, Never Back Down, in When bad things happen. In Shrink rapping, John Michael Senger reviews Will Self’s new novel about a psychiatrist, Umbrella. Owen Alexander, in an article called Playing catch-up, discusses four books written between 1938 and 2010 by George Orwell, James Salter, Nick Laird, and César Aira.

Two more figures from the world of literature — English travel writer Jonathan Raban and French pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry — are ushered into our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs and The Ultimate Literary Calendar. In Losing to win, bridge writer Trixie Barkis illustrates a sometimes useful technique. This month’s delicious lamb recipe is for Armenian Lamb Pizza. In Cure ’em! advice columnist Millicent Marshall prescribes tough love for obese people. And Professor Avram Khan gives us another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle.

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