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Archive for August, 2013

August 2013 in Black Lamb

Volume 11, Number 8 — August 2013

August 1st, 2013

In our August issue, Lorentz Lossius describes buying a harpsichord in The hunt for Dorian. In Sex & other misdemeanors, Ed Goldberg waxes lyrical on Puritanism in the twenty-first century. John M. Daniel recalls his first trip to Europe in My own chariot.

Toby Tompkins laments the loss of a cherished medium in On the radio. In No thanks for the memories, Lane Browning extols the virtue of forgetting. Susan Bennett describes three beloved animals in Interspecies Three Musketeers. And in The movie method, Terry Ross looks at the novels of Pete Dexter.

Two figures from the world of literature — English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson and French short story pioneer Guy de Maupassant — take their places in our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs and The Ultimate Literary Calendar. Our bridge writer Trixie Barkis tells how to make slam bids in Beginning & end. Our monthly lamb recipe, from a Black Lamb reader, is for a Mediterranean Lamb Loaf. Advice columnist Millicent Marshall again answers readers’ questions. And Professor Avram Khan gives us another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle.

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The hunt for Dorian

August 1st, 2013


I’m up at six, an hour before dawn on a grey Melbourne day, cold and dark and not yet winter. I make a strong coffee, then roll a thin cigarette and huddle on the balcony, puffing a dismal little cloud over the city.

I get up, go to the kitchen, and play a bit of Bach and Rameau on Dorian. I’m clumsy and sausage-fingered after so many years away from the keys. Who, or what, is Dorian, might you ask? Let me gather myself and pull together some recent notes about the reasons why, the search, and how I found him.

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No thanks for the memories

August 1st, 2013


I was thinking about forgetting.

No, not forgetting like “Dammit, I know I left my keys here” or “What? I thought that was next Thursday!” and no, not like the henpecked husband who comes back from the store without the pasta sauce or cat litter.

No. I mean pragmatic forgetting. Selective forgetting.

Survival forgetting.

There are classes and books and support groups for helping people learn to forgive, but we really need PhDs in forgetting. It baffles me that each year on the 11th day of September in most parts of the United States we are expected to “remember” the events of that day in 2001. Why? Whom does it serve? What does it prevent or abet? Is reliving catastrophe obligatory? Why do bereaved parents acknowledge, every year, the deaths of their children? What kind of catharsis is there in this? It doesn’t aid the deceased in any way; like humans who lived three centuries ago, they are gone, they are lost but to memory or pages in a book or pixels on a website. There is the notion of “honoring their memories,” but I’ve never understood that.

Is there something wrong with me?

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