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Now in its 14th year of publication, this magazine was created to offer the discerning reader a stimulating selection of excellent original writing. Black Lamb Review is a literate rather than a literary publication. Regular columns by writers in a variety of geographic locations and vocations are supplemented by features, reviews, articles on books and authors, and a selection of “departments,” including an acerbic advice column and a lamb recipe.


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Archive for January, 2015

January 2015 in Black Lamb

Volume 13, Number 1 — January 2015

January 1st, 2015

The Twelfth Anniversary Issue

In January’s Twelfth Anniversary Issue we begin with Editor Terry Ross’s reflections on the difficulties and rewards of publishing an independent literate (not literary) magazine. In Because, Elizabeth Fournier paints a portrait of a child — herself at age ten — drawn to death and mourning. Toby Tompkins writes of guns and New Hampshire in Hunting. In Nonaversary John M. Daniel reflects on an age difference with a brother. Dan Peterson continues his examination of a twenty-first century country in State of Italy, part 4. At the beginning of the new year, we look back at memorable books in a selection of reviews.

We welcome English fantasist J.R.R. Tolkien and American frontier novelist Jack London into our gallery of Honorary Black Lambs. Bridge columnist Trixie Barkis gives us new conundrums to savor, and we offer yet another delicious lamb recipe. Millicent Marshall dispenses her inimitable advice, and Professor Kahn challenges us with another word puzzle.

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January 1st, 2015


When my mother died, Grandpa, my Mom’s father, tried to help. He was waiting at our house after school each day to watch us until Dad got home from work. One afternoon, Grandpa met me at the door and followed me into my bedroom.

“Tess, what is this on your dresser?”

“It’s a cemetery. See the gravestones?”

Grandpa nodded. “I see. You did a pretty good job.”


cemeterywithbaby“What’s it for?”

I shrugged and straightened a couple of the rock tombstones nervously. “I just liked it. I like making things.”

“I see,” Grandpa said again. The concern in his voice was throwing up all kinds of red flags.

“Do you want some cheese sandwich?” he finally asked.

“Yes!” I said, and shimmied out of there on the double.

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