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May 2013 in Black Lamb

Volume 11, Number 5 — May 2013

May 1st, 2013

The All Children Issue

In our May All-Children Issue, Terry Ross argues that protecting children’s rights should be our chief concern. Elizabeth Fournier finds that her daughter sees and hears things that she can’t in In touch. In The catcher in the night, John M. Daniel remembers an incident when his son was a baby.

Toby Tompkins exults in his childless state in Precious darlings. In Youthful appetites, Owen Alexander examines school lunchrooms to see what kids eat. Ed Goldberg explains his lack of progeny in Kid stuff. In Still kids, J.Z. Ribby watches himself and his sisters when their mother dies. Brad Bigelow reviews Helen Bevington’s memoir Charley Smith’s Girl in Only one thing missing. And Lee Polevoi reviews James Kelman’s latest novel Mo said she was quirky.

Two more distinguished figures from the world of literature — both of them English this month — are ushered into our pantheon of Honorary Black Lambs and The Ultimate Literary Calendar: novelist Graham Swift and travel writer Bruce Chatwin. Our latest Literary Sampler offers extracts from five authors mentioned in this issue. Bridge writer Trixie Barkis treats a matter of technique in Ace & low. This month’s delicious recipe is for Mediterranean Lamb Shanks. Advice columnist Millicent Marshall answers readers’ questions about kids. And Professor Avram Khan gives us his another challenging Black Lamb Word Puzzle. •

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In touch

Kids can see & hear things that we can't.

May 1st, 2013


childrenlookingup*2My little girl was up in her loft the other day when I heard her ask someone if they could please move because they were in her way. Minutes later Sofia comes down the stairs and says that Mrs. Butler won’t stop sitting on her bed and she has already asked her nicely to move. Sofia wants Mrs. Butler to like the color pink and summertime, and holding hands all the time in the grocery store and the park. But she doesn’t ever get an answer from her.

We moved into a house in the hills that had sat vacant for years. Vacant of taxpayers but not really vacant of ghouls, the former couple who died in the house. We were aware of this when we signed on the line for the place but we just weren’t phased. We figured we were generous enough to share the space with them — so long as they didn’t do things that would scare the hell out of us.

Sofia sees them, we do not. But that doesn’t stop me from constantly talking aloud to them, explaining cheerfully that we acknowledge we are in their house, and while we are honored to be living in their house (and please notice we didn’t remodel anything in the house we heard they really liked) we would be very, very happy if they played nicely with our child.

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