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April 2011 in Black Lamb

Volume 9, Number 4 — April 2011

April 1st, 2011

The All-Women Issue

In our cover story, Terry Ross explains why spring and summer are the sexy seasons. In our page 2 feature, Dean Suess tells women that it’s time to Move on beyond hating men or defining themselves in comparison with men. In My uncle’s women, John M. Daniel looks back on the peculiar, and peculiarly generous relationships of his uncle Neil.

Greg Roberts writes about the opportunities for females in America and Europe in Free women. In No wiser, Ed Goldberg holds forth on the role of women in American society. Toby Tompkins delineates a curious breed of woman who must always be The star of the room.

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The sexiness of spring & summer explained

April 1st, 2011


Women think men don’t talk to one another — or that they talk only about sports — but it’s not true! We talk. Talk all the time. Talk about this, talk about that. Even talk about panty hose.

horsehead.pngNot too often, but the subject does come up. And when it does, there isn’t a man jack of us who has a single good thing to say about ’em. At least I’ve never met one who didn’t prefer an old-fangled pair of stockings to panty hose, or, for that matter, who didn’t prefer bare legs to stockings.

Panty hose! Why, back when I was a boy, this loathsome article of clothing didn’t exist. Show me a man who isn’t nostalgic for those days of regular, old-fashioned stockings — the ones that stopped, deliciously, somewhere along the thigh, the ones that were held up by garter belts and those little rubber and metal contraptions — I say, show me a man who doesn’t wish those wonderful sheer leggings had never been replaced by the despicable one-piece nylon chastity belt, and I’ll show you a court eunuch.

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