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Archive for the 'Feliciano' Category

A sense of loss

December 1st, 2011


I feel as though the more time I go without writing the more I have to say. My articles are somewhat like letters to an old friend I am growing further apart from, and I could make excuses to explain why I have been without time but I think you and I have become familiar enough to avoid such pleasantries.

I have lost a friend recently. His name was Ryan and I wrote an article about him several issues ago. Ryan’s absence has left a large hole in my life that I am without a substitute for. He was only a year or two older than me and was the third friend I made when I moved to Colorado two or so years ago. A few weeks back I found myself thinking about loss and how, statistically, there was a chance that someone I am close to could pass unexpectedly. This did not make it any easier to find out the news, but it made it seem obvious, as though I should have expected it.

When my girlfriend and I broke up a month or so ago (yes, the one who I wrote about recently) I noticed something about myself that scared me; I could not feel anything. When she left I went through the motions of heartbreak but I realized that there was no pain. The numbness was reflected in everything I did: work was routine, life was repetitive, and writing was contrived. I took time to finish my book and upon completion found that I still felt detached.

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Extra-long weekend

All dressed up & no place to go

September 1st, 2011


Wake up knowing that you are going into work today for about the length of time it takes you to get logged in and take one phone call. Breathe deeply and smile to yourself.

Put on your nicest pair of pants and go into the bathroom. Use that whitening mouthwash you bought but hardly use and brush your teeth. Then floss.

Shave your face and consider giving yourself a little Hitler stache; fantasize about hiding it under the guise of pensive thought until you can reveal it and goose-step your way out of your boss’s office. Finish shaving the mustache off.

Put on your best shirt and think about wearing your best tie but remember your roommate borrowed it and undid the perfect knot you’ve been reusing since you bought it. Leave the tie.

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