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Thug in the corner

March 1st, 2006


For me, the television is an instrument of torture. Or no, it is the torturer himself, good at his job, with a cupboardful of trusty gadgets and a wide repertoire of techniques, from the unbearable, steady drip of water on the skull to the galvanizing agony of the electrode, to the continuous blistering pain of repeatedly lacerated flesh: a natural, bringing to his work a relish, and a touch of imagination, that put him in a class of his own. I have been a favorite victim of his for a long time now. He lives in my house, of course, so I cannot get away from him. Let me tell you how much I hate him!

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Author profile

December 1st, 2002

Claire McLaughlin is English and lives in southeast London. She is married, with two grown daughters. After taking a degree in English at Oxford University, she worked for some time as a publisher’s editor and also wrote a number of stories for women’s magazines. When she began to lose her sight, she did training in counselling, and she now works part-time as a counsellor. She is now blind and writes her Black Lamb pieces using screen-reading computer software. Her Black Lamb column is called That Blind Lady.

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