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Absolutely addicted

September 1st, 2003


I watch several movies a week and make my choices carefully, so it would make sense that there is a movie that shook my world. None comes to mind. There have been shocking movies along the way, beautiful movies, intense, funny, notable, awful movies, but the movies that excited me were usually ones that reinforced my opinions rather than forced me to some sort of change. Film moves me less than books or music or art or the outdoors. I recognize genius, enjoy the art, appreciate the message — or lack thereof — and am utterly, absolutely addicted, but the printed word is my center.

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Trash and me

June 1st, 2003


In junior high I knew what I was supposed enjoy reading. I knew it depended on perspective and so I read it all and liked nearly everything that I read for one reason or another. I read the short books assigned at school, the longer and stranger things suggested by helpful teachers, the fun and unexpected things suggested by our odd collection of neighbors, the books we had to read because they were so great, according to friends, the great lit one sister foisted on me and the trash from under the bed of another. On my own I read my parents’ library, which was a mix of Book of the Month Club, military history, nature writing, and travelogues, with an occasional serious work slipped in. I read cookbooks and Gourmet from the time I was in grade school.

This describes what I read today, more or less, although the trash I like now is more in the line of murder mystery than the Harold Robbins/Jacqueline Susan stuff favored by my sister. And the Book of the Month club has been replaced by the award lists.

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Author profile

December 1st, 2002

Rebecca Owen, an actuary, practises her craft in Eugene, Ore. Her Black Lamb column is called Actuary’s Diary.

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