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Small wonders

The pleasures of owning budgerigars

May 1st, 2016


Just don’t call him “Tweety,” the pet store’s bird keeper teased as she handed off my charge, who was scrambling timorously inside his cardboard carrier. I hesitated to tell her this was precisely the name given both parakeets I’d had as a girl. Sequentially, that is, since Tweety the First had an untimely demise when one of my siblings charged through the heavy swinging door that divided kitchen from dining area in our circa 1864 house, slamming the poor guy against a wall.

karlawithbirdTweety and I had known better days in that old kitchen. We had a ritual where he’d hop about my head and shoulders while I washed the dishes. Truth be told, I’ve blocked details of his death from my memory, not to mention the also distressing end to which his successor succumbed. My mother and I inadvertently roasted Tweety II by following the vet’s instructions to put a heating pad by his cage to treat a respiratory ailment. I do recall that morning vividly. Mom and I anxiously removed his cage cover, hoping for an overnight recovery. The lifeless parakeet we found instead left us so defeated we never attempted another.

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Author profile

December 1st, 2002

Karla Powell (a k a Evelyn Bartlett) began her writing career in Chicago, where she contributed to The Chicago Reader among other newspapers and magazines. Since those salad days she has written for the American Medical Association Press, Kaplan Books, Graphics Arts Center Publishing, the Lyric Opera of Chicago, and American Surveyor magazine, to name a few. Her dalliances into poetry have come more recently. In addition to those published in Black Lamb, she was named a finalist in a Gwendolyn Brooks awards competition sponsored by Chicago’s Guild Complex. She has just written an Easter hymn, her first venture into music.

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