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Torah in the street

High tech meets more than its match

January 1st, 2016


Here I am, another late afternoon just me and my computer in my cubicle, working on a presentation about a highly competitive, cutting-edge device guaranteed to eclipse background noise on cellphone calls. When, lo and behold, out of Kafkaland, drums roll and trumpets blast from down on Shenkar Street, penetrating double-glazed windows and shattering the notion that background noise can, or should, be silenced.

“Oy, yo, yo, yo, yo, Mashiach!”

Is the messiah really here in the heart of Israel’s most elite, high-tech neighborhood? Is he riding a white donkey?

I rush to the window and throw it open. The black-and-white street is flooded in color. Young drummers dressed in red, black hats dancing in delirious circles, a white truck crowned in gold and studded with loudspeakers, women in glossy wigs and shiny multicolored scarves pushing baby carriages, a Filipina pushing her elderly ward in a wheelchair, and blue-and-white police cars sealing off the rejoicing masses. Throngs of onlookers are agape, pointing and snapping photos from their cellphones.

torahAnd in the middle of all of this hullaballoo its raison d’être: a Torah. A brand new Torah being welcomed into the fold. Hidden modestly under a canopy of green velvet draped on four poles, it is barely visible from where I stand on the second floor of a corporate office. So I rush downstairs to greet it.

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October 1st, 2015


The other night, I was planning a morning bike ride along the promenade from Mezzizim Beach to Charles Clore Park and back, calculating when I would have to wake up, wondering if I would have time for a short swim afterwards, when a report on the evening news caught my attention.

“Border crossings have been opened for a month for Palestinians from the West Bank to beat the heat at the beach. At Charles Clore Park in Tel Aviv, young and old are taking advantage of the opportunity.”

There were swarms of them. Long black robes and head coverings, skinny jeans and chest-hugging shirts, hordes of kids, all sizes. A few adults were lolling around on the grass, others were fanning the flames beneath neat rows of kebabs, and a handful more were gathering on the boardwalk. Kids ran between them, shouting, chasing each other. But almost everyone was in the water for whatever it is in foam and swirling sands that spells freedom.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” the reporter asked a few men standing near him.

“We’re caged in. It’s good to get out.”

“Thank you, Bibi, for letting us come here.”

“This is how we should live. Jews, Arabs, it makes no difference. All of us at the beach together.”

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