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Archive for the 'Wolfe' Category

Behind that curtain

September 1st, 2003


Dear Carol,

Although I am a great fan of cinema, I find that I can no longer go to the movies. I am totally fed up with the constant barrage of sex and the nonstop assault of four-letter words that seem to have replaced plot, adventure and romance. Yes, I may be an old fuddy duddy, but I yearn for the days when we could count on the movie industry to provide us with wholesome entertainment. My favorite film of all time remains The Wizard of Oz. I recently read somewhere that the making of the movie did not go smoothly. What type of controversy could possibly attend this charming piece of work?

Priscilla H.
Lewiston, Maine

Dear Priscilla,

The making of The Wizard of Oz was attended by one of the most bitter labor disputes of its time. The year was 1937. On February 26, Dennis Nunzio and thirty-five midget singers in the cast walked off the MGM stage in a joint work stoppage over issues of unequal pay, harassment and poor working conditions. Unrest began after Munchkin “villager” Chip Gimple asked Judy Garland if she wouldn’t like to get together for a drink after the day’s shoot, to which the child actress allegedly responded, “Yeah, Chippy? My tree stump or yours ?” ( Just two weeks earlier, she had told him it was too bad he wasn’t tall enough to play the part of Toto). Gimble was kicked off the set after telling Garland that perhaps the secret to escaping Oz might be to “stop putting so many Phenobarbs on your cereal every morning.”

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The best books of 2002

June 1st, 2003


Dear Carol,

My husband and I have been avid readers of both your column and Black Lamb since 1946. We have been particularly fond of your yearly book issue and, after reading it, have had some lively discussions. My husband Gilbert saves every copy despite the fact that he never agrees with your opinions. He loves to pull out the issue from April 1947 in which, upon the release of Bend Sinister, you describe Vladimir Nabokov as a “…third rate hack. Next time you have a hankering for a white Russian, may I suggest one part Kahlua to two parts vodka.” I have heard that you were unable to do a book issue in 2002 due to the fact that you were in Sweden to accept some type of award and was wondering if you would be resuming the tradition in 2003.

Gretchen S.
Beachwood, Ohio

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Author profile

December 1st, 2002

Carol Wolfe wrote the popular Q&A column Ask Carol during Black Lamb’s first year of publication. She died in an automobile accident in December of 2003.

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